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A Portable Internet Solutions Company


Skyline by WifiUgo is designed to create and support Internet connectivity for remote jobsites, mobile or temporary offices, and  the labor workforce.

Create Internet bandwidth via cellular routing, and create a Wi-Fi network that can support up to 30 devices.

Skyline was developed for use on construction sites, as well as for Internet connectivity in temporary office and headquarters.  Skyline's high gain, MIMO antennas capture cellular signal and our robust routers deliver high-speed, uninterupted connection.

Choose access through any carrier, as well as multiple carriers, and enjoy seamless, constant connectivity.

Cloud-based management tools allow you to choose between a private, encrypted Internet connection delivered through a robust cellular router, or connect to existing free Wi-Fi where it is available. Prioritize your connections based on personal preferences. 

Ethernet connectivity, A/C power, and battery backup, are also available features on the Skyline. 

Tech support is available.  

Contact us to discuss how Skyline can enhance business capabilities on the job site or in your temporary office.

Skyline by WifiUgo