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Plum Basic™

Plum Packaged Accessory Kit™

Plum Enterprise™

The Plum Basic™ (Patent Pending), is designed as both a failover device for small to medium-sized organizations and for internet access from one carrier in really remote areas.

Plum Extended™

A complete accessory kit in its own Mil Spec case including an additional power bank (the same as is included in the Plum Case™), additional connections for various power sources (auto, 115V, and 60W foldable solar panel), ethernet cables, a 4-in-1 USB to iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, etc. connector cable, a 22-piece connector/adaptor kit. Provides connectors for over 95% of the world’s tablets, notebooks, PCs and Smartphones.

The Plum Enterprise™ (Patent Pending) can failover an entire data center!
It easily supports up to 256 simultaneous users with high-speed internet access. It provides 8 SSIDs, 13 LAN/WAN Ethernet ports and four PoE ports.

The Plum Pak™, (Patent Pending), puts the remote access capabilities of our in-case solutions in a hands-free form factor. It is built into the bottom 5 inches of a military grade backpack, leaving the remainder free for other essential gear. 

Plum Mini™

Plum Case™ by Plum Laboratories


Weighing less than 10 pounds, the Plum Mini™ (Patent Pending), is a self-contained, remote cellular access device. It is designed for individuals or small teams that need reliable internet access in remote areas or highly congested metropolitan areas.


The Plum Extended™ (Patent Pending) is the perfect failover device for medium-size organizations or departments supporting 128 simultaneous users and gives you the highest probability of delivering a usable cellular signal in extremely remote locations.