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Nomad by WifiUgo

Nomad by WifiUgo is designed to create and support Internet connectivity for RVs, whether on-the-go or while staying at camps or parks.

Create Internet bandwidth via cellular routing, as well as enhance existing Wi-Fi networks.

Nomad was developed with the full-time RVer in mind. If your are running a business from your RV, or work remotely and need reliable and resilient Internet access, Nomad can deliver.

Choose access through any carrier, as well as multiple carriers, and enjoy seamless, constant connectivity.

Cloud-based management tools allow you to choose between a private, encrypted Internet connection delivered through a robust cellular router, or connect to existing free Wi-Fi where it is available. Prioritize your connections based on personal preferences. 

Create a powerful Wi-Fi network in and around your RV that can support up to 30 devices.

Ethernet connectivity, A/C power, and battery back up, are also available features on the Nomad. 

Tech support is available.  

Contact us to discuss how Nomad can enhance business capabilities as well as guest experience.