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What's in the case?

Inside our rugged and weatherproof cases are high gain MIMO antennas that capture available LTE cellular signal and deliver it to a powerful cellular router. The case also contains GPS and Wi-Fi antennas, A/C power, Ethernet ports, and an optional battery.

Why the case?

The case was designed and implemented to make our Internet and Wi-Fi solutions portable and convenient. The routers and antennas used in our portable solutions can be installed as stationary components, but keeping them conveniently contained in a box offers portability, and the ability to create a powerful, high-speed Internet connection and Wi-Fi network wherever you go.

What is the range for the Wi-Fi?

The WifiUgo portable's Wi-Fi network can connect up to thirty devices, and supports a range of up to 250 feet, inside and outside.

How strong is the signal?

As is the case with cellular connectivity, signal strength varies. Our high gain antennas offer a gain of ten over smartphone capabilities, and depending on proximity of nearby cellular towers and carriers in the region, signal strength to the device will vary. We conduct a survey of cellular towers and carriers in the area when recommending a data plan to support the device.

Is a data plan required?

Yes. Creating an independent, high-speed, private Internet connection that goes wherever you go requires that a data plan be assigned to each device. Our cases can work with any carrier, or multiple carriers, and we can survey the best carrier options for your needs. A consultation can help you determine the size of the data plan you will need to meet your connectivity and use requirements.


Contact us with any questions you have about our portable Internet access solutions. We are happy to review our products or schedule a demo.