WifiUgo, LLC is an Internet connectivity solutions company. We specialize in portable devices that create enhanced Wi-Fi networks and Internet access through cellular routers.

With varied experience in outdoor Wi-Fi solutions and RV services , our founders met on the mutual need for more Wi-Fi and Internet capabilities in the outdoor and recreational industries.

Combining user needs from different industries brought about WifiUgo - a solutions-based company that wants to help you stay connected - everywhere. 

All in One Internet 

The WifiUgo family of Portable Internet Access Devices are built to go wherever you go. Cases are rugged, weatherproof, and conveniently carriable.  

WifiUgo offers solutions for Internet connectivity and Wi-Fi networks that are portable, reliable, and resilient.

Our easy to use portfolio of products are designed to keep you connected to the Internet wherever you go.

Designed for outdoor hospitality businesses, on-the-go recreational adventurers, remote job sites, and emergency response organizations, WifiUgo portable Internet Access solutions can keep you connected anywhere.  


With seamless connectivity through multiple Internet connection options, keeping you online is the sole purpose of our portable networks.

A consultation before you buy can ensure your questions are answered, and that you are getting the solution you need.

Send us an email and we'll get right back to you.

Business Continuity and Operational Fail Over  

Simple cloud-based management controls and intelligent WAN and LTE technology keep you connected without hassle. Password protection keeps your network and devices safe.

Plum Laboratories™ offers a wide variety of solutions in different configurations to enable you to get the features, cellular access, accessories, and support that best fits your needs and budget. 

Business Continuity and Remote Access 

Plum Laboratories family of business continuity and remote access solutions are used by many different types of organizations in both the Public and Private sector. They are often used to quickly restore network operations and high-speed internet access during an outage. Other organizations use them to enhance the productivity of their mobile work force.

Extreme Durability 

The Plum Case™ is contained in a Mil Spec certified shell that is waterproof, impact resistant, and comes with a conditional lifetime guarantee.

It is certified as crushproof, dustproof, and has a latching system, soft grip foldable handle, and is pad lockable. All steel contained within the case is 100% 316 stainless steel hardware.

To ensure waterproofing a high performance gasket is utilized and to ensure pressure equalization is maintained, the case contains an automatic pressure release valve. All cases contain an integrated lid stay, are stackable, and meet airline carry-on regulations.

Internet and Wi-Fi in a Box



Portable Internet Access for business and adventure.

by Plum Laboratories

Keep your business up and running.

WifiUgo portable devices can help keep you business up and running in areas where traditional Internet providers struggle to deliver and maintain service and bandwidth. By creating an independent network with on e of our solutions, you can protect your business from downtime, and avoid a loss in productivity, sales, or other critical business operations. 

Extend your existing capabilities.

Using our solutions to expand your existing capabilities is simple. Our devices can easily integrate into your business network to enhance your Wi-Fi signal, and provide greater access by employees and guests. Keep your business connected at its limits, and allow your guests the Internet experience they have come to expect.

About Us

The WifiUgo family of Portable Internet Access Devices are rugged and resilient, and go wherever you go.

A robust LTE cellular router combined with high performance MIMO antennas capture signal at a gain of ten over smartphone hot spot capabilities, and deliver strong signal and fast speeds to you in a password protected, private connection.

Creating a Wi-Fi network that can support up to 30 devices, you can choose between enhancing available free Wi-Fi, or converting cellular as a fail over solution.

Models available for campgrounds and marinas can be used to support business continuity as well as provide access for guests to an enhanced Wi-Fi network, while our models designed for on-the-go RVs and boats provide Internet connectivity wherever you go. You can even support your workforce.

Our portable devices allow you to connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi, cellular, and Ethernet. Stay connected anywhere, in any way.

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by WifiUgo

"Wi-Fi wherever you go."


A Portable Internet Solutions Company


Plum Case™ 

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Rugged cases, robust cellular routers, and high performance antennas bring the best hardware together in one solution to provide seamless and constant connections. 

"Wi-Fi wherever you go."


Portable Internet Access Devices